Modern Surveying Equipment

Surveyors today cannot work effectively without modern surveying equipment. It is a necessity. There are several types of new equipment that have entered the profession in the past few years. Some are new items and some are upgraded. Surveyors and companies performing surveying services now use this new, modern, accurate and effective equipment.

The evolution of today’s equipment

Throughout history, surveying equipment has been continuously invented, reinvented and improved. It has generally kept up with technological advancement in society. Suppliers of such equipment understand that they need to design and provide top quality instruments to be competitive. Thus, there is no dearth of modern and useful equipment on the market. We can expect that surveying equipment will continue to stay pace with advances in technology.

Modern tools

Modern equipment includes EDMs, digital theodites, digital levels, GPS, data collectors, and total station equipment. Total stations measure the length and the angle between two points, an obvious important surveying function. It is mounted on a tripod. It then transmits an infrared signal to a prism. The signal is reflected back to the total station. The time required for the signal to get to the prism and back determines the distance from one point to the other. This provides all of the data necessary to calculate that distance.


We’re all familiar now with GPS. It is everywhere. It’s used in cell phones, personal trip mapping in a vehicle, vehicle location services, etc. It is also one of the most advanced and useful technologies for surveyors. Using satellite guidance, it allows surveying companies to find points on land. These are non-moving points. The surveyor’s device uses cable, a receiver and antenna. The antenna is placed on a land point. It searches for a GPS satellite. The receiver then accurately records data on the data collector from the GPS satellites.

Future advances

Worldwide, surveyors benefit daily from the use of modern equipment available today, and that equipment is likely to only improve and get better with time. This equipment provides very accurate data from the surveying service that you select. The job is easier and obviously much more accurate today than ever before. You won’t have any problems finding a company up to date on their use of new and modern surveying methods.

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